About Us



JiveSpain is as much a social club as a dance class and since we have been meeting to learn to dance ‘Modern Jive’ we have grown from 8 to 1,250 members. Less than 20 people could dance ‘Modern Jive’ (a blend of Jiving and Salsa that has gone global) before they joined our little club….LEARN MORE

Every night we have new members joining us that can’t dance one single step or insist that they dance with two left feet.  As founder of JiveSpain and the principal teacher I would love to take credit for so many people enjoying a new found skill but it’s the JiveSpain CREW, 12 very experienced dancers, that are primarily responsible. Each week they work hard to ensure that every new member is made welcome and can dance that evening’s routine by the end of the session.
Most of us are British ex pats but we welcome people from every country and our membership includes over 15 different nationalities. We dance at different venues along the coast 51 weeks every year and then have one big party each year when we get together from all the venues and enjoy a dinner dance, usually with a dress theme. (Click on ‘PARTY NIGHTS’)



Each evening lasts approximately 2 hours and costs 10 Euros. This can be reduced to 6.66 Euros by ‘block buying’ admission tickets.
Come and join us at any of our venues along the Costa del Sol. I promise that you will be made welcome from the moment you arrive, you will definitely learn to dance and over the weeks ahead, make so many new friends you won’t be able to afford enough Christmas cards.