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Private Lessons
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Colin Gausden and Natalie Davis. Dressed for ‘GREASE’

With his dance partner Natalie Davis, Colin regularly ‘Show Dances’ at events along the Costa del Sol including ‘American Independence Day’, ‘The Foreign Residence Show’, ‘The over 50’s show’ and in stage shows such as ‘Back to the 40’s’ and ‘The Marbella Christmas Variety Show’

Colin’s ‘PRIVATE LESSONS’ are designed to ‘Fast Track’ couples from ‘can’t dance’ to ‘can dance’ in hours rather than weeks. The lessons are always 2 hours long and follow a proven format that has never failed to deliver clients their own ‘personalized’ dance routine, especially those clients that insist - “you won’t teach me, I’ve got two left feet”.

Colin, Natalie and the JiveSpain dancers. ‘American Independence Day’


All lessons are 2 hours long and include both Colin and Natalie
Teaching one couple per 120 minute lesson: 100 Euros (50 Euros per person)
Two couples being taught at the same time: 120 Euros (30 Euros per person)


Attending Colin’s JiveSpain group classes is the perfect opportunity to practice the moves you have learned privately and increase the number of moves in your routine.  All private clients are offered complimentary membership of JiveSpain
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Part of your PRIVATE LESSON will be the creation of your own dance routine consisting of 4 – 5 dance moves chosen from the 50 moves (plus variations) listed below which have selected from dance clubs and stage shows from around the world. Each move is then linked together and finally ‘looped’ into your own personalized routine. More moves can then be added at further PRIVATE LESSONS or at any of JiveSpain’s group classes.

To help you select the moves that suit you best, each move is demonstrated.

•    First Move (Two Variations)
•    Hand Jive (Three Variations)
•    Catapult (Two Variations)
•    Basket (Five Variations)
•    Pretzel (Four Variations)
•    Octopus
•    Yoyo
•    Hatchback
•    Half Neck Brake
•    Full Neck Brake
•    Shoulder Spin
•    Switch Wrap
•    Triple Wrap
•    Catapult Veil
•    Octo Cog Turn
•    Keyhole
•    Proposal
•    Twin Windmill
•    Double Comb
•    Cleaver
•    Torremolinos Twin Spin
•    Two Handed Back Pass
•    Hatch Flick Barrier Turnout
•    Twin Tunnel
•    Round Turn and Two H. H.
•    The ‘Mary’
•    Half Neck Brake Butterfly
•    Kiwi Teapot Stir
•    Half Shimmy
•    The Shimmy  (Intimate)
•    The Valentino  (Intimate)
•    Crucifix (50% risk of death)
•    Seducer Dip
•    Reverse Seducer  Dip
•    Top Turn Side Lean
•    Double Push Double Lean
•    Two Handed Yoyo - - Lean
•    Shoulder Check Lean
•    The Double Derek
•    Columbian
•    The West Manhattan
•    The Stroll
•    Figure of Eight
•    Shoulder Slide
•    Man Spin
•    Chest Push
•    Hallelujah
•    Lady Spin
•    The Marbella Sexy Move
•    The New Move

PRIVATE LESSON format focuses initially on learning each move individually and then linking them into a routine. As soon as the routine looks good the emphasis moves to body movement and styling. Lessons are danced to each clients own choice of music from 100 favorite dance tracks.



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